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Form Used for Making Emphasis

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We use DO and DID. Use Do when the action is in present tense and Did when in past tense. This is the SI of spanish.


I do drive a car everyday

I (yes) do it

Mom does eat hot dog

She (yes) does it

I did play tennis yesterday

I (yes) did it

My sister did cook yesterday

She (yes) cooked, she did it





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A sentence is a group of words that expresses a complete idea. Every sentence includes at least one subject and verb. (The verb may be followed by an object or a complement. There are four basic types of sentences:



 English is a wonderful language.


  What's your favorite color?


What a nice car you have!


 Sit down, please.



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The subject is normally the most important person, place, thing, or idea in the sentence. Subjects commonly take four forms:




 Juancho just arrived from France.


 He has studied here for three years.


 To play in this place is popular.


 Why he left France is a mystery.




Verbs, Objects and Complements

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Some verbs tell what the subject does. In general, these verbs can be grouped as transitive or intransitive. Intransitive verbs do not have objects, but a transitive verb must have an object. Other verbs tell what the subject is, feels, etc.

This type of verbs is called a linking verb because it connects the subject to the complement. A complement is a noun, pronoun, adjective, verb form, phrase, or clause that describes the subject. Common linking verbs include: be, appear, become, feel, get (when it means become), look, seem, smell, sound, and taste.


 Intransitive verb

 Carlos arrived on Monday

 Transitive verb and objects

 She found a nice place to live

 Direct object

 We brought some books

 Indirect object

 They gave us two pens

 Linking verbs and complements

 John is a dentist



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